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Spotlight on the DEA: Derby Enforcement Agency

When taking in the robust experience of roller derby spectating, it’s easy to become completely focused on particular skaters. Often the spotlight lands on the jammers, after all these fast, fierce ladies are flying around the track with stars on th

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Freshmeat Training Starts September 11th

Interested in being a Skater, Referee, or Coach for the Bellingham Roller Betties?! Come to our Booty Camp – NO skating experience needed!! We will teach you everything we know, and whip you into shape for our 2017 Season! Fees & Costs: Registra

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Experiencing Booty Camp with Shreddy Bruisevelt

It’s week 2 of Booty Camp (I start with week two because by the time I had found out about Booty Camp I had already missed week 1), I was barely managing to stand still on the track at Lynden Skateway in my rental skates and $35 starter pack of pads fro

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Becoming: Sami Stitches

Roller derby is a kick-ass sport that is extremely challenging in many ways. When I started roller derby booty camp with the Betties, I started with the intentions of getting fit, learning a new sport and making new friends. What I ended up getting was mu

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For the Love of Sponsorship!

Sponsoring the Betties is one of the easiest and most helpful ways members from the community can become involved.  Essentially the sponsorship is buying advertising (with some pretty great perks).  Not only are the packages affordable (ranging in bundl

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Becoming: Sleazy Bake Oven

I moved to Bellingham from New Jersey this past July and didn’t know a soul. Growing up in New Jersey, I was always aware of roller derby, as the Gotham City Rollers were just a hop and a skip over. So when I came out here, I found myself in need of som

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