Where can I see the teams play?

We are currently in our 8th Season and our home bouts are being hosted at the Sportsplex, here in Bellingham. Sometimes we travel, and you should always double check the location of the bout on the event ticker, Facebook event or on the Brown Paper Ticket’s page!

What can I bring into the bouts?

Bring your kids, bring your grandma, bring your friends!

Bring CASH! There is an ATM, but sometimes it runs dry (out of our control) and the next closest one is a 10 minute walk away. Merchandise is available, along with beer, soda ‘n snacks! We usually have a food truck available at all of our home bouts as well. Feel free to bring your own healthy snacks, but unsealed bottles will be checked by security. Please do not BYOB!

Can I come to a practice to watch?

Team and league practices are closed to the general public for your safety and our sanity. If you want to see us in action, buy a ticket! However, if nine public games a year just isn’t enough, why not volunteer? Our non-skating officials and referees get a great view of the game from the track during practices and games, so volunteering for those positions might be for you!

To request more info on joining a team, contact the Fresh Meat committee and we will let you know all about the next fresh meat training camp.

How can I get involved?

There are a great number of positions we need to fill to make our season a huge success every season. We’re always looking for dedicated, fun-loving people to volunteer their time during our events and fun(d)raisers.

If you’re interested in watching the ass kicking and ticking numbers next to the names, email our Head NSO. If stripes and whistles are more your speed, email our Head Ref!

If you have a special skill that we may not foresee a need for yet, please tell us what you’ve got! Email our volunteer coordinator to get your foot/skate in the door!

I’m a hot shot photographer/videographer and would like to be at your next bout – how do I get one?

We love having new photographers and videographers, but have a few guidelines that we make sure you are aware of before letting you hit the track with your equipment. Please check out our Photography Page and shoot kImpossible an email to request more information!

Similarly, if you are from a reputable media outlet and this is a time-sensitive request, we welcome you to email our Marketing committee!

How do I join the Betties?

BRB recruits “fresh meat” to train with us in the off-season via ‘Booty Camp’. We usually run this 8 week program starting in August, teaching you everything you need to know about starting in the world of Roller Derby. Once you’ve finished our Booty Camp program, you get an official invite to the league. This means you are ready to move up and pass your skills testing, and you move on to our free agents pool, the Grit Pit, until the next draft.

As a new skater, you’ll get your butt in shape like you never imagined, you will make amazing new friends, and you will spend every waking moment knowing you are a drop-dead gorgeous demon of the derby! But don’t let all of that delude you… it is also a huge time commitment to be a Roller Bettie! We skate two to three nights a week and host bouts 1, sometimes 2 times a month during our season. There are also several committees that keep the business end running smoothly and we require all skaters to participate on at least one committee.

We also require that all skaters own their own quad-wheel roller skates and protective gear, so start up can be expensive. Skaters also pay monthly league dues to pay for rink time.

To find out more about the rules and the minimum skate requirements, check out the official WFTDA website.

To request more info on joining a team, contact the Fresh Meat committee and we will let you know all about the next fresh meat training camp.

Are there any other leagues in Washington?

Of course! Roller derby has gone viral and is probably in a town near you!