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kImpossible of Kim Lincoln Photography

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Northern Exopose'her of Amy K Photography

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Robert Bakie

robertbakie Rob works at Nintendo. As if working in the video game industry wasn't enough, he loves cooking, writing, and photographing fast women.
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Gillia Bakie

gilliabakie Gillia currently skates with PFM, and her derby name is Vex R. Lynd.
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We are so fortunate to have these amazing, talented photographers working with us regularly and capturing those epic on-the-track moments. These are the folks who stop time and catch the action, the adrenaline, the excitement, the exhaustion. Like what you see? Check out their websites and/or Facebook pages, they all do more than just derby photography! .

Interested in being a guest photographer for a Bellingham Roller Bettie's Bout?

Feel free to email Kim with the contact form below for more information and
details on what all is involved! :) We always welcome new photographers.

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