Spotlight on Sponsors: Janet Posci, Acupuncturist



The Bellingham Roller Betties are entering their 10th year of providing Whatcom County with hard hitting, fast paced roller derby action. But we don’t do it alone – we’re lucky enough to have the support of some amazing sponsors.

Let us introduce you to Janet Pocsi: acupuncturist, massage therapy and herbalist. Janet has been supporting the Roller Betties for five years, and just signed on for the 2017 season! Her practice is located in the Herald Building in downtown Bellingham. Janet’s expertise is in treating acute and chronic muscular and skeletal pain patterns. She can treat someone with an injury right after it happens, or work with patients on more chronic pain issues.

Fiveonfive Magazine, a skater owned publication about derby, discussed the benefits of acupuncture in a Spring 2014 article, written by Tony Burris of the Treasure Valley Roller Girls. In his article, Burris points out: “For pain management, acupuncture is less invasive than surgery and, often, the athlete can continue to train while undergoing treatment.

Acupuncture decreases rehab down-time by stimulating cell counts, blood flow, reducing post-op pain and helping to break up adhesions. It can also treat several areas at once.”

Acupuncture can also be helpful for the non-athlete. Janet recently told the Roller Betties that she treats a number of issues from behavioral issues with kids (she loves her young patients), digestive, hormonal, neurological and reproductive imbalances and disorders.

You can learn more by visiting Janet’s website:
If you’re interested in becoming a Bellingham Roller Betties Sponsor for the upcoming 2017 season, it is not too late. Sponsorships range from $250-$2500 and include marketing opportunities such as merchandise giveaways at our games, advertisements in our bout books, banner display at games and more! To talk to someone about becoming a sponsor, email

Written by: Dottie Hazzard