The Bellingham Roller Betties Teams

  • Blunt Force Trauma consists of the cream of the crop of the Bellingham Roller Betties. This all-stars team is looking forward to an amzing season with fresh moves and strategies that are sure to blow the competition away!
    BFT's Facebook Page
  • The Cogs are a team comprised of talented fresh skaters and an equal balance of strong vets. We look forward to giving the fans the most fun, action-packed season ever!
    Cog Blocker's Facebook Page
  • Team FLASH (Formidable League of Amazing Super Heroes) are prepping their capes and practicing flying over that apex to grab hold of the championship this season! These supers are super excited!
    Flash's Facebook Page
  • Tough Love shows their muscle on the track and the love to their fans! These wicked ladies took home the season championship in 2013 and are getting geared up to keep the title in 2014.
    Tough Love's Facebook Page
  • Our Grit Pit consists of all of the league's free agents, who like to play with others. These skaters get to skate with any of the home teams so cheer them on when you see them sporting Flash, Tough Love, or Cog Blocker gear!
  • The Derby Enforcement Agency (DEA) is the Skating and Non-Skating Officials for the Betties. We are the most dedicated and hard working volunteers, that are responsible for enforcing the rules and regulations, imposed by the WFTDA (Women's Flat Track Derby Association.)
    BRB's DEA Facebook Page